Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor first joined the SDP in 1982 following his wife Annette who was a founder member in 1981. He became a councillor for Aberavon in May of 1987. Anthony served on Port Talbot Council until local government reorganisation in 1999. He then stood for election to the new NeathPortTalbot County Borough and was elected topping the poll.

Anthony was an elected councillor for a total of 30 yrs. When first elected he promised his constituents that he would not claim any expenses for fulfilling his role and kept that promise throughout his time in office.

Anthony remains very active in his community. He reports his time as an elected member was deeply satisfying and enjoyable.

"As well as being a councillor, I also worked on the Blast Furnaces at the giant Port Talbot Steelworks for 44yrs so my time was never my own and working hard at two jobs was sometimes exhausting but always satisfying. To be elected to serve your community by your neighbours, friends and peers is a humbling experience and teaches you the meaning of public service."

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