Retract statement or resign, says SDP Cllr Hickson

Local Social Democratic Party activist and former Leader of Crewe Town Council, Cllr Kevin Hickson calls on Laura Smith MP to retract her call for a 'General Strike' or resign

At the Labour Party Conference this week MP For Crewe and Nantwich, Laura Smith stated that she wished for the current Government to be brought down, if necessary by a General Strike.  It was greeted with enthusiastic applause by the assembled activists. 

In response former Leader of Crewe Town Council and parliamentary candidate, Cllr Kevin Hickson called on her to retract this comment.

He said, "Whether we like the policies of the current government or not, we must recognise that it was elected under the British constitution - albeit without a majority of seats and then formed an alliance with the Democratic Unionists (DUP) as was its right."

"A democratically-elected government can only be brought down by a general election or by its inability to secure a parliamentary majority on key votes in between elections.  To call for a general strike in order to topple a government is to replace democratic politics with rule of the mob."

"This is highly irresponsible and anti-democratic.  It’s an insult to those who fought so hard to win the democratic rights we enjoy today. I therefore call on her to retract the comments.  If she cannot do this then she should resign and trigger a by-election."

"Those who are familiar with the history of the far left will know that demands for direct action - that is to say for the use of force to topple governments of different political persuasions to its own - has been a repeated demand of Trotskyites.  From these comments we can conclude that Trotskyism is obviously alive and well in the Labour Party, at least in this corner of the Labour Party."

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