SDP joins the Make Votes Matter Alliance



The SDP is proud to become a member of the ‘Make Votes Matter’ Alliance which campaigns for voting reform in the UK.  The only system which effectively matches votes to parliamentary seats is Proportional Representation - our preferred option.  The Labour/Conservative duopoly has not served Britain well.  Our voting system stifles political competition and denies new entrants a chance to contribute.  Is it any wonder that ordinary people feel powerless?  It also offends a basic sense of fairness.  

Reform is long overdue.  Non-one can argue that our present system is fair.  Those within the Labour and Conservative parties hoping to cling on to the unwarranted privilege of ‘First Past the Post’ look increasingly desperate - like those who tried to hold on to ‘Rotten Boroughs’ by opposing universal suffrage and the Great Reform Acts.  Voting reform will come and the SDP will help deliver it.

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