The SDP Announces A Full Slate In Sheffield

The Social Democratic Party has announced a full slate of 5 candidates to contest the Sheffield parliamentary seats in the 2017 General Election.

The SDP has been steadfastly representing people throughout the UK for 27 years and can trace their roots to the original insurgent party of the 1980's.

As believers in true democracy, the Party campaigned strongly to leave the EU and members were fully committed to working harmoniously on a cross party basis.

The key policies of the SDP are “Radically Sensible” and they occupy the “non-PC centre” of the political spectrum. Fully committed to keeping the United Kingdom together, fully committed to working with our friends in Europe, without being tied to a failing Union with them, and working equally with the rest of the world.

As real democrats we believe in the wishes of the people being sovereign, the UK Parliament being sovereign, but are outward looking. Rather than treat nations or people on the basis of where they are in the world, treat them on the basis of what their values are. 

Relationships should be based on "who you are", not "where you are from".


  1. Direct Democracy - the People should be in charge, not the establishment elites.
  2. Internationalism - we should look beyond just the EU to trade and make friends
  3. Libertarianism - people should be free to choose how they live their lives
  4. Social Inclusion - nobody should be left behind. Society should be there to nurture the needy
  5. Educational Reformism - the education system is stuck in the Victorian era. Let our kids aim high.

SDP Party Spokesman Steven Winstone Declared:

“The political landscape has changed for good. The Labour Party has lost touch with the working classes and has declared war on aspiration. Jeremy Corbyn represents the hard left and those who believe in unicorn farming as the key to the future.

The Conservative Party has a hidden split between those who campaign and support the EU and those that support democracy. Whether Theresa May is deliberately trying to scupper EU negotiations remains to be seen. As someone who has gone on record to repeatedly state that she supports EU membership we should all be worried about what her real beliefs are.

The Liberal Democrats have made their position known. They adopted the word “Democratic” when the SDP and the Liberal Party merged. The SDP continued one way and the Liberal Democrats went another. Their interpretation of democracy is to try to overturn a referendum and make the people vote again and again in the hope of getting the result that suits them. Is democracy being ruled by the unelected? Tim Farron seems to think so.

Politics has taken leave of its senses. The old parties have left the centre ground where aspiration, opportunity and democracy are the mainstay.

It's time that someone stepped up, that party is the Social Democratic Party.

The time for common sense is now.

The time for politicians being beholden to outside influence needs to be over.

The time for damaging political correctness needs to be over.

The time for change is now."

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