Joe Westnidge

General Election 2017 Candidate 

Joe graduated from University with an Honours degree in Business Management. Soon after he went on to join a FTSE 100 financial services firm. Currently he is in a management position within Sheffield’s thriving metal industry. Primarily educated in Sheffield, he returned to his hometown after brief periods of study in Spain, Scotland and America. He has a large family in & around the Sheffield area which is the driving force behind his passion to support people & businesses in the Sheffield Central constituency.

"Sheffield Central is a youthful, vibrant, evolving constituency. When I saw the other party candidates being airdropped in I thought "will any of these people really understand the people? How can anyone really "get" the issues and needs and opportunities here? Although I’m only 24 years of age, I’ve been around a lot and can see the issues and have got the energy to do something about it."

"Education and integration are key issues. I’m a big believer in direct democracy and we can get real democracy when we leave the EU which is controlled by unelected autocrats. I’ve lived in the EU; we need to have good relations with our neighbours but we need to keep the beautiful individuality of each of the EU nations alive rather than let them become one bland superstate."

"None of the other parties have the real answers, so SDP is a breath of fresh air. "

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