Muzafar Rahman

General Election 2017 Candidate 

Muzafar "Maz" as he is known to his friends has been active in the local political scene and community for a number of years.

Born and raised in Sheffield, he knows first hand the issues of the people of the steel city. A local businessman, who has developed niche healthcare products he believes that commerce is key and more help should be given to entrepreneurs. He campaigned for Brexit in the EU Referendum on the basis of democracy and equality. He has campaigned for a number of years for equality and "clean air" in the City, which in issue close to his heart.

"From a young age I have always been at the forefront of pushing for greater community cohesion, achieving the best I can and instilling my family with the same thought process. Radical elements in our communities need to addressed. I will stand up against extremism, I’m a man of Sheffield and can see the division in the communities. I will work to stop this and I’m not afraid to say how it is."

"The current crop of politicians in Sheffield are scared to say how it is. They put themselves and their parties before the people whom they are supposed to represent. They are selling out to political correctness and only interested in themselves."

"I’m proud to support SDP. My party isn’t controlled by virtue signallers and corporate drones. We represent the real people and we'll make change happen."

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