SDP’s Mazafar Rahman “End the terror: faith groups must embrace transparency”

Addressing SDP members today during a GE campaign meeting in Sheffield, SDP Parliamentary Candidate and long-time Community Campaigner Mr Rahman stated:

“Exploiting and fuelling a culture of political correctness, cowardly politicians in the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats have pandered to the extremists in the hope of getting community votes. This isn't serving the community; it’s creating further division from which only shameless career politicians can profit.   

Religious institutions should be open and transparent just like the schools, social clubs, political society and local government.  

Where do they get their money? What material is being shared? What do they preach?  

Hard measures should be taken on those that don't want to do this. What have they to hide?   

The Catholic Church had a history of unsavoury behaviour and now we have issues in other places of faith.  

I'm brave enough to stand up and say what others are not.  

The Muslim Community is being stigmatised by the behaviour of a few. We need to stand side by side and create harmony where there is division, peace where there is unrest and openness where there is darkness. 

The time for transparency is now."



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