SDP Membership Doubles

SDP celebrates an upsurge in membership.

Responding to a snap GE is a challenge to established and well resourced parties, but we can be deeply proud of our GE bid and candidates. Our team efforts resulted in: 

a) membership growth which will result in new branches early course 

b) a national TV appearance from Party Spokesman Steve Winstone

c) an esteemed Town Councillor joining SDP: details to follow

d) GE candidate Steven Marshall currently setting up a Community Council 

To continue this growth, we must continue to very actively and visibly campaign. We are, refreshingly, a grassroots driven party and we need your support so please get in touch today.

The fallout from the GE, however, is that a Brexit as voted for in the Referendum seems increasingly prejudiced. Brexiteers across the UK are rightly concerned that the established parties are paying lip service to the outright reclaim of sovereignty, true and proper. Moreover, swathes of voters have fallen for the 'jam forever' pledges of the Labour party.

Against this backdrop, the SDP will continue to draw support from sensible moderates determined to repeal the European Communities Act. Since the Referendum our membership has doubled. We will continue to liaise with cross party campaign groups, planning action days in locations across the UK in the months ahead. Again, get in touch if you can lend a hand or wish to suggest a location.

The SDP Committee welcomes all of our new members and thanks all who invested their time helping us achieve the significant progress we've experienced in recent months. 

Together we will deliver radically sensible politics to the British electorate.

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