SDP Welcomes Blair Smillie

Robert Smillie MP and early 20th Century miners' leader was an inspiration to the working class. Blair Smillie – Robert’s Great Grandson- is likewise a man of unparalled integrity and it’s with tremendous pride that SDP welcomes Blair to the team. 

Blair writes:

“It was with sadness that I quit established political parties, gravely disappointed by their failure to deliver a politics of integrity and transparency. But that realisation in no way diminished my faith in good people working collaboratively to revive social cohesion and honest values. That remains the destination.

As the proud great-grandson of Robert Smillie, I have never abandoned the quest to deliver better politics, but recognise that the conventions of political parties often principally serve to promote themselves and their donors, regularly at the expense of membership approval and the wider public interest. Honest, inspiring and dedicated leaders – true public servants - are regarded despairingly thin on the ground and as a nation we must work tirelessly to overturn that. It is clear that whatever the agendas of the 21st century established parties, they have proven unable to deliver societal wellbeing. While their vast armies of spin doctors would have us believe otherwise.

We demand better role models. Step forth all the real people who, every day, work for the betterment of their fellows. Those with genuine social conscience. You are out there in droves and we’re done with the career politicians.

SDP is a growing party run by volunteers and I’m proudly supportive of our mutual endeavour in this David & Goliath battle: to return integrity to politics. Only once this is achieved can we do more than dare to dream.”

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