Steve Winstone

General Election 2017 Candidate 

Steven has been active in the local political scene for a number of years. He regularly appears on local and national radio and television discussing business and Brexit.

The son of an Anglo-Indian immigrant, he trained as a chartered accountant before becoming the owner of one of Sheffield's largest metal recycling businesses, turning over tens of millions of pounds, trading here and abroad, employing many people in real jobs in the Steel City.

He has featured for many years running in "who's who" as one of the Young Entrepreneurs of the year.

"I've been invited to stand by pretty much all of the main parties over the years."

"But I'm not a sell out. I live in the real world and the policies of the old parties just don't cut it. The leading politicians in this City don't seem to get the real issues."

"The whole political system needs shaking up. Cover ups and daft deals seem to be the order of the day. Trees are getting cut down needlessly, money is being wasted, the roads are a mess, businesses are being held back by daft red tape and all the time the local MP's do nothing except spout vacuous slogans. Really? Are this lot the best that Sheffield can offer?"

"Our youth are being left behind and every day the national debt soars. The plans of the other parties? More debt, more debt that our children will have to pay off."

"I've taken a lead role as Party Spokesperson with the long established SDP. I've helped write a manifesto for real change and real Common Sense. The other parties? They've lost touch with the real world."

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