Steve Winstone Condemns Labour Candidates Attitude Towards Women

The SDP Candidate for Sheffield Hallam, Steve Winstone, has condemned the revelations about his Labour opponent's past attitudes towards women.

Labour Candidate Jared O'Mara's former band Dirty Rotten Troubadours wrote tracks including “I Wish I Were A Misogynist”, a song which expresses desires to hit women.

Steve Winstone said: "Really shocked and stunned to learn of the Sheffield Labour Party Candidate Jared O'Mara's attitude towards women. 

I attended a Women's Equality Party hustings last night and they highlighted the very real issue of domestic violence towards women in Sheffield.

They've worked hard to put together a "Safer Streets Campaign" and we as the SDP have signed up to it.
Singing and laughing at domestic violence is totally unacceptable.
We are appalled"
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