William Clouston

SDP Party Leader

William joined the SDP in 1982 and campaigned in general elections, local elections and by-elections throughout the 1980’s. By 1989 he was on the SDP’s approved list of Parliamentary Candidates. William became a District Councillor in 1999 serving on Tynedale Council until 2003.  A former Parliamentary Candidate, he presently serves on Corbridge Parish Council in Northumberland.  William holds first and Masters degrees in Urban Planning and Property Management respectively and read Philosophy at Durham University at Postgraduate level.


“I’m delighted to be part of the rapidly growing SDP.  Our aim is to bring British society together and in doing so reject the flawed choice between a hard-left Labour party who despise wealth creation and a Tory party which doesn’t believe in a strong and capable public sector.  A thriving public sector requires a healthy and growing private sector and our dedication to the ‘Social Market Economy’ recognizes this.”


“I’m also fully committed to the SDP programme of constitutional reform. UK politics is ‘stuck’ and voting reform comprising Proportional Representation will engage participation by allowing citizens to vote honestly and without compromise.”

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