Darren Thompson

I was brought up in the small town of Spennymoor in Co.Durham – a town that suffered quite badly under the deindustrialisation policies of the Conservative government of the 1980s. One of 3 children, I'm proud of my working class up-bringing and roots.

I have spent the last 15 years working in the voluntary and community sector, managing capacity building, training and community development projects across the North East of England. Since July 2015, I have been managing my own social enterprise organisation, delivering training and support services to voluntary organisations and community groups across the North East. I have also helped local charities and community groups raise over £200,000 in funding to help them continue to provide their services to the local community.

I have studied business, management and accounting at both college and university.

I joined the Labour Party when I was 16 years old, but have found that the party no longer represents my views and what I believe in. The SDP vision and values are exactly what I believe in and I am excited to be part of a growing grassroots movement that is a force for good and positive change, both at community level and for the whole country.

My keen interests are in education, building stronger communities and a fairer society. I am a proud supporter of Brexit and look forward to the UK leaving the EU. I am also committed to ensuring the UK has strong armed forces, seen as a great asset that our country should be proud of.



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