Jaspreet Oberoi

General Election 2017 Candidate 

Jaspreet Oberoi, "Jas" to his many friends has made Sheffield his home after coming to the UK in 2002. He studied in Yorkshire and achieved a degree in Marketing (Bradford University BSC – Hons.)

His family have a long and established history in India in engineering and manufacturing and with this in his blood sought to make a name for himself in the UK. He set his sights on set up a Metal Trading and Processing business in the steel city of Sheffield. He has created jobs and commerce and being in his early 30's aims to continue to do more of the same.

"Sheffield is my home. Steel is in my blood. I trade all over the world and became interested about politics well before the EU referendum. The only way to save the steel industry in Sheffield is to leave the EU. I know first hand about the trading opportunities that Brexit will bring and had had enough of listening to naysayers who, frankly, didn't know what they were talking about."

"When I look at the state of UK politics, I realise that things need to change. We need direct democracy so that everyone's vote matters and everyone's view can be taken into account."


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