Cllr Kevin Hickson

Cllr Kevin Hickson is Cheshire born and bred and is proud of his working-class origins.  He obtained his first degree in History and Politics from the University of Warwick in 1996 and his PhD in 2002 from Southampton University.  Kevin has lectured at the University of Liverpool since 2003.  Coming from a strong Labour background he has proudly served as a town and unitary councillor, between 2013-15 he was Leader of Crewe Town Council and in 2015 stood in the safe Conservative seat of Yorkshire East.  He has also been a constituency and branch chair.
However, Kevin left the Labour Party in the summer of 2017.  Never a fan of Jeremy Corbyn, he accepted the outcome of the leadership contest but was increasingly uneasy with the sneering attitude of some within the Labour Party to the working class and all things British.  This reached its peak, he felt, in the constant attempts to undermine, if not stop the Brexit process.  It was this which led to him resign from the party.
With his belief that political principles are futile unless put into action he joined the SDP which is the only party, Kevin believes, to offer the correct combination of left-of-centre social and economic policies and a commitment to uphold the will of the people to leave the European Union. Having previously worked closely with Labour Leave on Brexit, Kevin is now the organiser for SDP's North West region and keenly engaged in raising the profile of SDP, locally and nationally.
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