Steven Marshall

I'd been a Labour supporter all my life, at least since I can remember anyways. My Dad was a proud card carrying member up until recently and we were brought up to follow the values of fairness and hard work.
Politics in Glasgow has changed. The division caused by the separatist SNP and the sneering at the working class by the likes of Emily Thornberry and Kezia Dugdale hasn't changed me. I still have the same values, but the Labour Party clearly hasn't, and many of my friends and family think the same.
Sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in, and I'm doing just that. Democracy is something that I hold dear. Many fought for the right to vote and all votes should count equally. The truth is that they don't; the SDP will fight for democracy and fight for change.
Hard work, fairness and common sense will win through in the end. 
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