Val Hoodless

Val joined SDP in 1993 and is Secretary in the Bridlington branch. She staunchly believes in government of the people, by the people, for the people. Moreover, Val has been tirelessly committed to SDP because she feels that only a moderate, sensible and caring party can bring about greater social cohesion, wellbeing and prosperity. Alongside Joy Fleetham, Val invests much of her time resolving a plethora of local matters for constituents who feel otherwise unheard and unrepresented.

Val is also a long standing environmental and animal welfare campaigner. She has volunteered for the PDSA for 30 years and is over 50 years a member of the League Against Cruel Sports.

Val is deeply devoted to the care of her mother- one of her most treasured roles.  

Also close to Val’s heart is the preservation of national heritage; she enthusiastically became a volunteer at Sewerby Hall & Gardens.

But, much like her fellow SDP colleague Joy Fleetham, Val doesn’t waste any hours idle! She helps to run not one but two fencing clubs where she holds the post of secretary. A retired teacher, Val remains an ardent advocate of education stating emphatically “We must invest in our young people; they are our future.

Val condemns bullying and has played an active role on a school council for anti-bullying. Online bullying, she feels, is a growing problem that authorities are failing to address.

Val has warmly welcomed a recent surge in SDP’s membership and, as an approved candidate, has plans to stand in the 2018 council elections.

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