Wayne Dixon

Wayne has been active in his local community as a Youth Worker, Connexions Worker and Employment Support Worker for over 13 years as well as volunteering in the community for over 15 years. His many community engagements include being:  

  • A Trustee of Middleton Elderly Aid
  • A Board Member of West Yorkshire Association League
  • A Board Member of Leeds Football Association and South Leeds Life (Community Newspaper and News website). 

In 2004, Wayne founded his local football club to get local people active and to offer young people something positive to focus on in a community neglected from decades of Labour Councils, this now offers football to 200 people per week!

Wayne joined the political scene in 2015 when he joined Labour. While he felt that locally Labour offered little support to the football club, he adopted the ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’ approach. Even with his staunch determination, Wayne lasted only a handful of months in the party, feeling that the local councillors broke promises and were unable or unwilling to respond to questions.

Undeterred, Wayne stood as a local Independent council candidate in 2016 thinking that this would result in greater engagement with Labour Councillors to champion community engagement projects. While he got a great result finishing third in Middleton Park (Leeds), Labour got in again. Wayne laments that, for all his efforts, Labour locally STILL fails to address changes that would be meaningful to the residents of Middleton Park.

So why join the SDP?

“I soon realised that although standing as an Independent candidate was a valuable experience, the support of a party is undoubtedly advantageous. I came across the SDP and instantly liked their ideas. Although I didn’t campaign for or against Brexit (I did vote to Leave), the Social Democratic Party is about considerably more than Brexit. Those who visit SDP’s website and explore the policies agree upon the need for this radically sensible centre ground party. Moreover, the beauty of a growing party is that you can have a positive impact and really contribute to its success; the UK needs a grassroots driven party to return common sense to the political landscape.”

To find out more about Wayne visit www.waynedixon.co.uk


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